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            Igor Kielsiv

Russia President of MJIA 

Domencio Baggio


 United Jookers 

Arsen Hokera 


United Jookers

About Us


Inspired by Arsen Hokera (Germany Memphis Jooker- United Jookers), Domencio Baggio (Germany Memphis Jooker- United Jookers) , and Igor Kielsiv (Memphis Jooker in Russia)! We give active support to the Official Memphis Jookers, Memphis Jookin Companies, Accredited Jook Book Instructors promote interest in all aspects of their work. United in affection for Memphis Jookin for rich collective memory and a keen interest in new work.

CLICK HERE to see our Constitution.

What do we do?


We hold regular meetings at which dancers and MJIA Presidents staff talk about the Art, Culture, and Careers in an informal structure, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Meetings also provide an opportunity to share knowledge and exchange often highly contrasted views. 



Who comes to speak?


We will welcome speakers from all parts of the Memphis Jookin, Art, Culture, and Business including established stars!

Where and when are the meetings?

Meetings will be held online once every 3 months. In the future we plan to host a MJIA Annual Conference in a Memphis or International location. 

How do I keep in touch?


We send out a regular newsletter by email or post. Reports on meetings are published on this website. Enquiries should be addressed to You can also get notice of updates and other information and news on Instagram.


How much does it cost?????????


Full membership is ?????????

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