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I'm not a Millionaire yet.........

I'm not a millionaire yet, but the performing art Memphis Jookin has a international demand that has generated over 1 Million dollars in the last 3 years! There are Memphis Jookin entrepreneurs/moguls that are building this niche arts & entertainment market!

"It was all a dream. I used to read word-up magazine" - Biggie.

I turned the music down on my laptop and walked out my office and opened the lobby door. The U-Dig Dance Sr. Company Dancers walked in for rehearsal! It didn't occur to me until now that i'm Professor Xavier and their the!

One by one they walked into the dance studio: Keviorr, G-Nerd, "Juicy", "lil Buck", Ron, Daniel, Dr. Rico, Josh and Ladia! After reading Life and Def by Russell Simmons and writing the business plan in 2006. I had a clear vision to build the Memphis Jookin Entertainment and Arts Industry (ETE2)!

P.S....Guys i'm not a professional writer, i'm just sharing my story!

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